How do scientists justify fats and is it worth it to lean on
WE LIVE AT THE TIME when our ideas about the world and what is good and what is bad are corrected daily. Issues of health and proper nutrition are not…

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Meat or Pasta: Is Vegetarianism Ecologically Safe
AROUND VEGETARIANISM AND MORE CATEGORIC VEGANITY, disputes continue: while some people consciously refuse meat or animal products for ethical reasons, others condemn this choice. We have already tried to figure…

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Why whole foods are healthier than refined foods
In my articles, I often call products whole or unprocessed in an industrial way and urge them to be preferred. Refined foods can be considered the antipodes of whole foods…

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Why whole foods are healthier than refined foods

In my articles, I often call products whole or unprocessed in an industrial way and urge them to be preferred. Refined foods can be considered the antipodes of whole foods in the world of food, I decided to write about some of them.

Refined oil, premium flour, white sugar. We are used to eating all this daily and take for granted. But by doing this, we daily deprive ourselves of important nutrients and useful components that were originally contained in these products, but were “extracted” from them during refining. Why do manufacturers do this? Of course, depriving vitamins of products is not their goal at all. Their goal is to extend the shelf life of the product, to make it as cheap as possible, suitable for the widest range of needs, “beautiful” and “tasty” (or tasteless, so that, for example, refined oil does not interrupt the taste of culinary products). For this, they use refining – the final cleaning of products, during which the so-called “ballast substances” are removed from it, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, fiber, etc. As a result, we get a defective composition, but – Calorie-charged product. Let’s see which products are most often refined Continue reading

7 healthy grapefruit benefits you should be aware of

The benefits of grapefruit for the human body
Grapefruits have long been known for their beneficial properties in losing weight, and therefore are most often associated with diets that help to lose weight. There are many ways to include them in a healthy diet, for example, half a grapefruit with boiled egg for breakfast or a grapefruit diet (a serving of this fruit with each meal speeds up metabolism and weight loss). And if earlier talk about the benefits of grapefruit was often perceived as another myth, today its many of its properties are scientifically proven.

The benefits of grapefruit for men and for women are several. In men, the rate of elimination of itraconazole was similar to that taken with grapefruit juice or water. However, in women, grapefruit juice Continue reading

How to choose healthy fats: seven tips

Which fats are harmful and which are beneficial?
Let’s see what fats are good for the body. Fats are one of the key components of a healthy diet. Many people still mistakenly believe that fat is evil, because it is the most high-calorie, and reduce it in their diet. However, fats are different: harmful or beneficial. And some of them are vital for us.

For example, without omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, our existence is impossible, and fat-soluble vitamins will not be absorbed at all unless you eat fatty foods.

Can I use fat while losing weight?
In the past, the need to reduce fat intake for weight loss was based on the fact that fats contain about two times more calories per gram than carbohydrates or proteins. In fact, foods such as avocados, vegetable Continue reading

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