10 rules for a perfect salad
Many are sure that the salad is just the decoration of the main dish. In fact, it is itself a full-fledged dish, and not just a handful of leaves on…

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Question to the expert: Does a person need eat meat
ANSWERS TO THE MOST QUESTING QUESTIONS OF US We are all used to searching online. In this series of materials we ask precisely such questions - relevant, unexpected or common…

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Why bitter foods are good and how to enjoy them
Bitter foods - doesn't sound too appetizing, right? But you may be surprised to find out how useful they are. And that your body really craves a bitter taste -…

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Food Parachute: This trick will reduce the health effects of junk food


My Stanford teacher, Dr. Clyde Wilson, described a simple trick: it will come in handy for many who are unable to refuse junk food, but at least think a little about their health. But Dr. Wilson knows what he’s talking about: he received a doctorate in chemistry at Stanford University and at the same time teaches at UCSF medical schools, and also heads the Sports Medicine Institute. In his article, Dr. Wilson tells how to continue to eat pizza and fast food, significantly reducing their detrimental effect on our body. I hasten to share a secret with you, translating, with the permission of the author, an article in Russian:

“Today we take food as a drug, because in busy schedules we need a quick way to keep moving. And the food industry provides us with tasty, inexpensive and convenient food that successfully satisfies our need Continue reading

How does heat treatment of vegetables affect vitamin content?

Recently, one of my readers asked a question about how baked bell peppers are rich in vitamin C or is it completely resolved by heat treatment. This question prompted me to prepare a more detailed answer to the question about the preservation of vitamins and other nutrients during the heat treatment of vegetables in the form of this article.

Indeed, various cooking methods alter the nutrient composition of fruits and vegetables, but this is not always bad. Some studies show that although the thermal processing of foods may lead to the degradation of some nutrients, the availability of others may increase.

Therefore, to say that there is a “best” form of plant consumption, for example, raw, is impossible. Continue reading

Food Intolerance: Who Doesn’t Need Gluten and lactose

Increased fatigue, skin itching, bloating and pain in the stomach after eating – in the hope that it will “go away”, unpleasant symptoms can be ignored for years. Why the body doesn’t take any healthy food, we sort it out together with doctors: Marina Vershinina, an expert at the Center for Molecular Diagnostics (CMD) of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor, a candidate of medical sciences, a psychotherapist, Mikhail Gavrilov, an author of a method for eating behavior and weight reduction, and an allergist and clinic immunologist “Medicine” by Ekaterina Koroteeva.

How food intolerance is different from allergies
Symptoms of allergies and food intolerances are usually very similar – itching of the skin and mucous membranes, rash, abdominal discomfort, and stool disorders – but their mechanisms are different. An Continue reading

Checklist: 11 signs, what are your problems with eating behavior

Nowadays, anyone can face a DISSOLUTION of FOOD BEHAVIOR, and this is not a joke: according to statistics, as a result of such disorders, one person dies every hour. These conditions include not only anorexia nervosa and bulimia, but also “drunken” eating, diabetes (a disorder in which people with diabetes refuse insulin in order to lose weight), dieting or “detox” systems; at the same time, a person’s perception of his own body and relations with food are disturbed. The reasons for the development of eating disorders are not entirely clear – both genetics and environmental factors, such as the influence of society and popular culture, play a role. This problem concerns people of any age, gender and gender. We have compiled a list of eleven symptoms that may indicate eating habits. Continue reading

Fat is a Feminist Topic: Why Everyone Crossed on intuitive nutrition

IN THE LAST TIME, IT IS MUCH more often possible to hear the phrase “intuitive nutrition”, and several heroines of our recent material about diets and breakdowns said that it helped them come to peace with their own body and food. We understand what kind of power system it is, where it came from and what scientists think about it.

The cult of thinness
Oddly enough, they talked about the relationship between human health and what and how much he eats, not so long ago. In the second half of the 20th century, the quality of life of people, especially in countries with developed economies, improved significantly, and they began to live longer – but there Continue reading

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Checklist: 11 signs, what are your problems with eating behavior
Nowadays, anyone can face a DISSOLUTION of FOOD BEHAVIOR, and this is not a joke: according to statistics, as a result of such disorders, one person dies every hour. These…


Vegan meat and chocolate from the printer: What kind of food awaits us in the future
ON DAYS, WHEN IT SEEMS THAT ANY INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE TO US, we are paradoxically far from knowing about the foods we eat: we have no idea what animals fed…


7 healthy grapefruit benefits you should be aware of
The benefits of grapefruit for the human body Grapefruits have long been known for their beneficial properties in losing weight, and therefore are most often associated with diets that help…


Checklist: 13 mistakes for novice cooks
Are you afraid of salt and spices Salt and spices are an important component of the success of any dish: they emphasize the taste of the products and help them…