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Products for longevity and youth

To slow down aging and live old healthy and alert, you need to act systemically: protect yourself from sunlight, perform endurance exercises, get enough sleep, meditate and deal with stress, adhere to a healthy diet. Some nutrients and products are especially beneficial to the skin and generally help slow down the aging process.

Which point of the program is more significant and important is difficult to say. But, probably, you noticed how much you feel, mood, and appearance depend on what lies on your plate. I went to a barbecue with friends at the weekend – hello heartburn, drank a couple of glasses of alcohol at the festival – hello puffiness, ate stress with a bar (or even two) of chocolate – hello acne.

Products, in principle, are capable of much. They can heal and cripple. There are products that slow down the aging process of the body, and there are those that drop attractiveness by drop. And, sometimes, among the gastronomic “friends” you can see unexpected guests, just as in the camp of “enemies” I can get into innocuous specimens at first glance.

The most harmful beauty products
– Sugar substitutes

We are talking about artificial analogues of sugar – for example, saccharin, aspartame, sucrasite. And the point here is not even that it is not a natural product. When heated, saccharin makes food bitter and may well cause an attack of diarrhea. Aspartame releases methanol when exposed to high temperatures. And succrazite contains fumaric acid (like methanol, it is toxic). You do not need to be an excellent student in chemistry to understand that synthetic sugar substitutes and their products containing healthy radiance to your skin will not add strength to your hair.

– Sweet soda

If pure high-quality water can carry the proud title of a product for longevity and youth, then sugar, dyes, flavors and gases added to it turn the useful product into a dangerous product in two.

Firstly, sugar will not make your waist slimmer, and add pimples. Secondly, enjoying a soda, you will most likely notice cellulite on your hips and buttocks. Thirdly, for people who have problems with the digestive tract, soda can trigger an exacerbation of the disease.

– Bakery products

Croissants, donuts, muffins, white bread (especially warm) will not bring harm if they are on your table once a year or at least once a month. If this storehouse of fast carbohydrates appears in your body much more often, then it is quite possible to begin to sound the alarm.

Keep in mind that experts have no two opinions on this matter: for fans of products that include premium flour (which is cleaned of healthy bran, fiber and mainly consists of gluten and starch), it’s quite possible to get sooner or later the diagnosis of obesity, diabetes. And with such problems, it is very difficult to consider yourself a beautiful and attractive person.

– salt

This seasoning is dangerous when a person consumes it too much. WHO recommends limiting yourself to 1 teaspoon of salt per day. But, as practice shows, most people exceed the norm by two, or even three times. Such a love of salty foods threatens not only edema (salt slows the removal of water from the body), but also gastrointestinal problems (and they will probably affect the skin condition).

– Sausages, sausages and other processed meat products

Two years ago, WHO called processed meat products carcinogenic – that is, during their production, various chemicals, for example, sulfates, were added to the composition. In addition to the fact that 3-4 slices of smoked sausage significantly increase the risk of the appearance and development of intestinal cancer, sulfites are also found guilty of acne and the appearance of swelling under the eyes.

– Alcoholic drinks

Some nutritionists advise the negative effects of one glass of dry wine (150 ml) to “neutralize” with a whole glass of clean water. Others are adamant and believe that in any case, alcohol dehydrates the skin. And this means wrinkles will overcome her faster.

-Canned Products

Even if high-quality tuna is peacefully resting in a tin can, it is unlikely that it will be possible to call canned food an anti-aging product. It’s all about synthetic estrogen bisphenol A. It is contained in the inner coating of cans.

It is known that bisphenol A negatively affects the human hormonal system. And this is fraught with a sharp change of mood, and various beauty problems.

– Margarine

During the preparation of margarine, hydrogenation of fats occurs. In order for liquid vegetable fats to become solid, they heat up significantly. As a result of these manipulations, part of the unsaturated fatty acids is converted to saturated ones.

Scientists have long determined that the intake of trans fats negatively affects metabolism, can cause obesity, and also interfere with normal skin hydration.

Anti-Aging Products

Here is a list of vitamins, nutrients that help keep skin youthful.

Anthocyanin and lycopene protect the skin from sun damage.

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