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Why eat spinach and how to cook it

Spinach – a unique plant, if not paradoxical. How can these leaves with their 23 kilocalories per 100 grams. be so nutritious and healthy? You probably remember the cartoon about the sailor Popeye, who became incredibly strong by eating a can of spinach? So, about spinach – it’s almost true. Of course, he will not bring superpowers to us, but he will certainly strengthen strength and health.

The beneficial properties of spinach for the human body are truly impressive. First of all, spinach is extremely rich in vitamins, especially vitamins and beta-carotene. It also contains a substantial dose of vitaminann – a powerful antioxidant that improves skin and hair condition and inhibits the development of atherosclerosis. Strengthens blood vessels and folic acid (vitamin B9), and spinach contains a decent dose of this vitamin.

Another important antioxidant that spinach is rich in is lutein. In particular, this pigment is very important for protecting the cells of our eyes from oxidative stress. But I’ll separately note the overwhelming level of vitamin A (in 100 grams 600% of the daily norm). It plays a role in the synthesis of proteins that maintain a normal level of blood coagulability, as well as in the synthesis of “integrability of proteins that are necessary for the transfer of nutrients to organs and tissues.

Next is protein. Spinach is not a champion in the amount of protein in the plant world (it is far from beans, for example), but 3 grams per serving, which contains only 23 kilocalories, is a good indicator. The benefits of spinach for men professionally engaged in the gym will be, if not indispensable, then definitely tangible. And, of course, spinach is most famous for its iron, in 100 grams. raw leaves approximately 3 grams of iron. This, you see, is quite an impressive figure (15% of the daily norm). In addition, the absorption of iron helps in the vitamin C contained in spinach. Let me remind you that iron is necessary in order to deliver oxygen through blood vessels to different tissues of the body and remove carbon dioxide from there. But, of course, he also has many other important functions: participation in hematopoiesis, the immune response, the production of thyroid hormones, etc.

The benefits of spinach for women, as well as for men, were identified in one study (http://www.berkeleytest.com/scientific-articles.html). As a result, a decrease in blood pressure was found in subjects aged 38 to 69 years.

Spinach is available all year round, but its ripening occurs in spring (from March to June). He is well known for his nutritional qualities and has a reputation as a product with remarkable abilities to restore energy, increase vitality and improve blood quality.

The benefits of frozen spinach
The useful properties of frozen spinach are that we interact with it in a chopped form, which, admittedly, is much more convenient. It can be easily added to any dish or cooked as an independent. Yes, frozen spinach will not give you the same flavor as fresh leaves, but it wins in versatility. In addition, all its useful properties are preserved.

The benefits of spinach leaves
Separately, I note the significant presence in spinach of other elements – potassium and magnesium, which are necessary for heart health (a portion of spinach contains 16 and 20% of the daily norm of these elements, respectively). The beneficial properties of spinach leaves are that they are extremely nutritious. You can make toast or salads with them and have a snack.

Healthy Spinach Recipes
In general, spinach is an unusually nutritious and healthy plant. But besides this, we have something else to love him, because it is amazingly tasty! Its dense, fleshy and at the same time tender and soft leaves can not be confused with anything. They can be stewed, baked and added to soups, or can be eaten fresh. For example, I really like spinach and fennel salad.

Ingredients: a large bunch of spinach, a green apple, fennel (a small fruit or half a large), a small handful of sesame seeds, juice of half a lemon, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, salt.


If the leaves of spinach are large, then tear them by hand. Put spinach, finely chopped apple and fennel fruit in a salad bowl, add sesame seeds, lemon juice and olive oil. In order for us to be able to fully prepare the salad according to the recipe, it remains only to salt it, after which our tasty and healthy salad is ready to eat.

And in my application with recipes Live up! You can find more spinach dishes, including a rich chanterelle soup and several types of smoothies.

Now that you know the benefits of spinach to the human body, it will seem even tastier to you. Eat spinach and be healthy!

Contraindications and harm to spinach
There is a suspicion that not all bacteria are destroyed from spinach leaves, even if washed. However, modern industry allows you not to worry about this. The risk is minimized, as they try to deliver products to the store more or less clean.

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