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The benefits of breakfast for the human body

The myth of the dangers of breakfast
Many of us neglect breakfast, and the reasons seem obvious: in the morning we are in a hurry, we cannot get up early, we want to sleep, not eat. What breakfast is there! It seems that not a single bit will crawl into the throat, which means that it is not necessary or even harmful. But the arguments in favor of the decision to still have breakfast are impressively serious. I counted at least eight good reasons, finally making sure that the benefits of breakfast for the human body are undeniable. Let’s figure it out together.

Why do I need a morning breakfast?
1. When we woke up, we need to “turn on”, “start” metabolism, and for this we need breakfast. If you have no appetite, drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice in the morning: most likely, the taste of lemon will wake you and your desire to eat.

2. It may sound strange, but after sleep it is necessary to replenish the strength of the body, which, while we slept, did some work: “repaired” tissues, synthesized protein, restored cells, etc. It is a balanced breakfast that will help you recover and give you strength.

3. Correct (it is very important what you eat for breakfast, more on that below) breakfast will charge you with energy at least until lunch, so it will be easier for you to do your work or study, remember information and stay focused until the evening.

4. In a study lasting 10 years, it was found that men who had breakfast regularly gained excess weight less often than those who did not. It turns out that breakfast saves from overeating. Think logically: if you did not have breakfast, then most likely you will eat the same number of calories, but in the afternoon and from other sources that are less useful. Morning meals protect against hunger attacks, which often cause us to bite on cookies, pounce on chocolates, or make us feel like Robin Bobin Barabek at lunch. A rich and hearty breakfast with a light lunch is an effective assistant for those who are trying to lose weight and feel comfortable.

5. Another study showed that people who eat breakfast regularly tend to eat a better diet and get the necessary minerals and vitamins. They are also less likely to get involved in unhealthy desserts and snacks. And the question of whether to have breakfast in the morning is not worth it: it just makes up their daily habit, such as brushing their teeth or morning exercises. When you do something that makes you feel better, you just keep doing it and not reflect.

6. After sleep, we need, among other things, to maintain normal insulin levels. Without breakfast, it can fall, and then jump sharply after a snack or lunch, which increases the risk of type II diabetes. According to data published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (AmericanJournalofClinicalNutrition), skipping just one breakfast per week is more likely to cause type II diabetes in the long run. And thanks to this simple and capable of being a pleasant habit, you reduce the risk of developing the disease. After all, it is known that preventing something at times is easier than curing.

7. A recent Harvard study found that adult men who eat breakfast regularly are less likely to suffer from heart disease. A possible explanation is this: evening meals, typical of people who do not eat breakfast, can be one of the causes of cardiovascular disease. The fact is that late snacks violate hormonal rhythms, and this increases blood pressure and cholesterol, which, in turn, lead to heart disease.

Think about whether you need breakfast in the morning, if in the future it is able to extend or even save someone’s life?

8. It turned out that regular breakfast affects the functioning of the brain. It helps with concentration, improves memory and learning ability. This is especially true for children: studies have shown that children who have breakfast demonstrate higher school performance and attendance.

How to have breakfast correctly
And so, you decided to stay healthy, full of energy, look attractive and feel great, saying “yes” to your daily breakfast. Please note that this “works”, of course, in combination with other rules of a healthy lifestyle and in case you eat only the right foods. Croissants with jam and packaged juice or instant cereals are the wrong choice. There are two simple rules that can help you get the most out of breakfast:

Avoid sugary foods and refined carbohydrates: they disrupt the hormonal balance and blood sugar levels, contribute to weight gain and increase stress.
Make sure your breakfast includes protein, healthy fats, and slow carbohydrates: whole plants, quality animal foods if you eat them.

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