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Proper nutrition: a selection of healthy dishes from our menu

Proper and healthy nutrition has long ceased to be the privilege of dietary mods and especially wealthy people, becoming the most important element in the healthy lifestyle of many residents of our city. Today, more and more people understand that health is directly dependent on the diet. At what it is not exclusively, for example, vegetarianism. Absolutely not. The concept of “proper nutrition” means quality products, timely meals and a varied menu.

Today, there are many diets for various purposes: for those who want to lose weight, for those who are actively building muscle mass, whose body is on rehabilitation after a disease, and for those who just want to maintain health.

But despite such diversity, all of them have one big drawback – it is not easy to plan a diet in the fast pace of modern life and workload to stick to all three ingredients of proper nutrition: quality, timeliness and variety. You must admit that yesterday’s soup warmed up at lunchtime in the microwave is hardly healthy and delicious food.

For proper nutrition, it is important that you enjoy the meal! And if you have to stay at work, then dinner will most likely be cooked late and in haste, which already contradicts the principles of proper and healthy nutrition.

Healthy food pyramid
By the way, let’s recall the food pyramid developed at Harvard University and become an icon for all nutritionists in the world. This is a universal human nutritional scheme. At the bottom of the pyramid there are foods that are recommended to be eaten as often as possible, at the top are foods whose consumption should be limited.

Garvardskaya piramida pitaniya

This is how the products are distributed in the food pyramid from the bottom up:

1) Bread, oatmeal, rice and pasta.

The foundation of a healthy diet and the most important source of energy that provides the body with complex carbohydrates. The fact that these products contribute to weight gain is a myth long disproved by nutrition.

2) Vegetables.

They nourish the body with vitamins, and are an excellent source of protein. The largest amount of nutrients is found in green, yellow and orange vegetables, as well as in vegetables with a high starch content, for example, in potatoes.

3) Fruit

First of all, fruit is vitamin C. A universal product that is useful in any form: fresh, frozen, canned, dried. Sweetened nectars and fruit-based syrups are not considered fruit, unlike natural fruit juice.

4) Meat, poultry, fish, dried beans, eggs and nuts

Protein, iron, zinc, calcium and B vitamins. The ideal option is to alternate meat, poultry and fish for lunch and dinner for a week. Well, for breakfast, at least one egg is required, and in any form.

5) Milk, kefir, cheese, yogurt

Essential sources of calcium. In addition, they provide the body with proteins and vitamin B12. You should choose low-fat varieties of dairy products, since they contain a minimum of cholesterol, saturated fat and, of course, calories.

6) Fats, butter and sweets

These foods are high in calories and very nutritious. They should not be abused, but they should not be completely abandoned. Vegetable oils, which are a rich source of vitamin E, must be present in the diet, and products with molasses are useful as a source of iron.

Based on this food pyramid, even without the help of a nutritionist, you can create a menu for a week or a month that will fully comply with the conditions of proper nutrition.

Well, the White Whale coffee shop will help solve the problem of timeliness of food intake and a variety of products. We offer our guests a wide list of dishes prepared only with fresh and high-quality products!

A few healthy dishes from our menu
1) Stewed broccoli.

By the content of vitamin C, broccoli is one of the first places among all products, since it contains 2.5 times more ascorbic acid than citrus fruits. In addition, broccoli has a record amount of vitamin PP, K and B vitamins, as well as antioxidants that reduce the risk of cancer and solve problems of the cardiovascular system.

2) Fish in the Mediterranean.

Sea fish is rich in iodine and bromine, saturates the body with phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sodium, sulfur, fluorine, copper, iron, zinc, manganese, cobalt, molybdenum. The vitamin range contained in the fillet of sea fish is very significant.

3) Salmon with Provencal herbs.

Semga s provanskimi travami Salmon contains such beneficial substances as potassium, calcium, iodine, iron, magnesium, various fatty acids, sodium, phosphorus, melatonin, vitamins of groups A, E, B, B12, PP. In addition, salmon has always been famous for its rich taste and has long been considered a delicacy. The taste of salmon is the best way to strengthen Provencal herbs.

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