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Proper preparation for a fasting diet

An unloading diet is one of the procedures to correct your diet, including partial or complete restriction of calories in food. However, sitting on such a diet without prior preparation and proper knowledge, you may encounter various difficulties. There are many ways to prepare yourself for a fasting diet, and here are some helpful tips to help you work out the right approach to a fasting diet and, in principle, inculcate some healthy eating habits and controlling hunger.

razgruzochnaya dieta 01 Start with the most basic: explore the topic of an unloading diet as it should, especially if you want to get not a general, but a very specific effect related to improving your health. Each unloading diet may have its own focus, so before you sit on any of them, carefully study it and see if it really suits you.

In addition, it will not be superfluous to visit a good nutritionist and inform him of his intention so that he will prescribe you medications or dietary supplements necessary for a more smooth diet.

Here are some tips to help you deal with the difficulties of a fasting diet:

Ensure good groundwork for all your projects before you go on a diet;

Do any things that will help you feel better in the morning (exercise, jogging, cold showers, etc.)

Do not devote too much time to socialization (all kinds of parties, visits, etc.) during the diet.

Morally prepare for a long-lasting feeling of hunger and the associated increased irritability.

Start your diet on Friday afternoon.

Try to lie down to rest during lunch breaks, if possible.

Do not give yourself too much exercise.

Go to bed earlier.

Drink plenty of water or tea.

Try to do something that you usually don’t have enough time for.

From the very beginning of the diet, set yourself a clear time and disciplinary framework.

Set clear, measurable goals.
When you start a new business or activity, it is very important to set clear, measurable goals for yourself. The subject of your aspirations should not be something vague or vague. Your goal should have a numerical expression: a certain percentage, timeline or a certain indicator on the measurement bar of ketones in the blood. Thus, when you achieve this clearly defined goal, you will feel significant satisfaction and greater confidence in yourself and your strengths.
And if for some reason you fail to achieve the intended goal, you will have the opportunity to assess how close you are to it nevertheless come and set yourself a new one. In the case of a fasting diet, good examples of goals are:

a certain period of time without eating;
a certain level of liver detoxification;
loss of a certain amount of body fat;
elimination of a certain type of foods from your diet;
ability to think rationally, despite the difficulties of a fasting diet.
Study yourself
Despite its many benefits, an unloading diet is always a test. If you are irritable when you are hungry, then you should understand that during the diet you will be even more irritable. During the first 2-3 days of the diet, you are likely to experience various unpleasant sensations, which can negatively affect your mood.

podumayte o sebe During the first couple of days you will feel severe hunger, but it is completely normal and passes quickly enough. The effect of hunger on your mood will be much more noticeable. Some of those who were on a fasting diet stated that during the adaptation period they generally felt unwell – there was weakness, dizziness, or general malaise. So you should be mentally prepared for such feelings.

In addition, all these things will undoubtedly change your reaction to negative situations as well as various interactions with other people. Take a sober look at yourself, at your character and emotions. Is your concern justified or are you just feeling a little more irritable than usual? Do you deal with your problems correctly, or do they prevail over you? Carefully monitor your mental and emotional state during the unloading diet and do everything necessary to make the process proceed as positively as possible for you and others.

When talking with others, be sure to let them know that you may be a little grouchy, but the point is not in them, but in the low current level of sugar in your blood. Take a moment to gather your thoughts and calm down, breathe deeply or try to meditate while reflecting on your emotional state.

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