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Where to go in the fall: 10 street food worth a trip

SOMETIMES FOOD IS A REASON. For a little trip, for example. To try moka in the Brazilian state of Bahia according to the recipe of her husband Dona Flor, the heroine of Georges Amadou, or a fish and chips with a view of the Thames as a Dickens character. Realize through the taste of the cultural characteristics of the country. Feel like a local, grabbing an unidentified kebab on the street, and eat it in the company of the same hungry passers-by. They collected ten dishes of street cuisine, which can become a reason for traveling to another country.


Bosnians swear that they have the best chevapchi in the Balkans – sausages made from minced meat are grilled and served with sweet onions and a generous spoon of kaimak. Fragrant, delicate chevapchichi sprinkle with fat from under the golden crust and originate from Ottoman kebabs. In Sarajevo, Chevapchichi must be eaten in the Ottoman region of Bashcharshia, so that squat Ottoman houses, minarets and copper cezves circled around. And even if tourists rarely get to Sarajevo, this means that only you will get the golden leaves, autumn rains and streets that still remember the recent turbulent events. Along with the story about the meeting of Gavrilo Princip and Franz Ferdinand, where the First World War came from.


Butter-fried yeast cake – ruddy, bubbly and deliciously unwholesome. It is smeared with garlic sauce or sour cream, sprinkled with warm cheese and eat hot, burning your fingers. The Ottoman yoke sends greetings through a magnificent cake – they say that the Turks whispered a recipe to the Hungarian mistresses. You can intercept langos in any food truck in Budapest – in some you will be offered the classics of garlic sauce and cheese, in others they use sophisticated options and wrap salami or camembert in langos. But still, the best addition to langos is Budapest: bridges over the Danube, slightly dilapidated facades, castles and baths.

Fish and chips

An oiled newspaper bag from which fried potatoes and the same fried fish batter peeps out. All this is eagerly watched by gulls and the London Eye. Fish-and-chips is a typical London docker meal: hearty to hold out until the evening, and hot to forget about the chilly wind from the Thames. Like other gastronomic discoveries in London, emigrants came up with fish-and-chips: fried potatoes came from Belgian hosts, fish came from Portuguese, and Jews from the East End put it all together and came up with the idea of ​​selling it in the Daily Mail box. Now the fish and chips are responsible for the taste of London – with Dickens, the industrial revolution and the right beer for the right batter.

The lamb intestine, in which the guts of young lambs are wrapped, will appetize it on the grill and chopped with salt and red pepper, it goes to crisp bread. If the idea of ​​lambs and their giblets is not too scary, then this is a sandwich worthy of the Turkish sultan: spicy, juicy and sharp, like a scimitar. Straight to the heart to pierce you with love for Istanbul, with the confusion of minarets and fishing rods on the Galata Bridge. Take every fall with a cold ayran and quench your thirst with a salty wind from the Bosphorus.


Sea snails cooked in a strong vegetable broth – they swim in it among slices of carrots and celery. The snails taste like sweet pieces of rubber, so they are generously watered with Tabasco and sprinkled with cayenne pepper. It turns out satisfying, tasty and very Flemish. In addition, there is an endless beach, the pride of Ostend. And if you want something more than pieces of sea snails in the broth, you can always go to the bottom in Bruges in an embrace with a pot of mussels – the benefit of Bruges from Ostend is a fifteen minute drive.


Divine Japanese cabbage spring roll with complicated sauce and tuna flakes. Stuffing – pure improvisation, with squid, shrimp, bacon or cheese. “Okonomiyaki” can be artistically translated roughly as “fry this cabbage pancake and put everything you find in it.” The dish appeared on the baking sheets of the country after the Second World War – times were hungry. It’s not for nothing that Osaka is called the “cuisine of the nation” – even okonomiyaki here has its own style. And in the city there is a feasible amount of cult sights, and it pleases – you can focus on red maples and on the Dotonbori quarter, where smells tease the nostrils, and the neon signs of restaurants blind your eyes.


A huge roll wrapped in kim (what we often call the Japanese word “nori”), from which a spicy pickled radish, spinach, carrots and thin strips of omelet wink. Raw fish is not put in kimbap (but canned tuna is easy) – this is one of the main differences from the more familiar Japanese rolls. It is also self-sufficient without soy sauce or wasabi: the whole palette of flavors is already inside, where pickled radish sets the acid, bitterness and sweetness. In a company with a crispy kimbap, it’s good to catch the Korean wave and explore the autumn Seoul. Admire the combination of red maples and green needles from observation platforms.

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