10 rules for a perfect salad
Many are sure that the salad is just the decoration of the main dish. In fact, it is itself a full-fledged dish, and not just a handful of leaves on…

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Самая детальная информация Dishwasher Repair на нашем сайте.
How does heat treatment of vegetables affect vitamin content?
Recently, one of my readers asked a question about how baked bell peppers are rich in vitamin C or is it completely resolved by heat treatment. This question prompted me…

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Exposing Soup: Why a Healthy Diet Is Possible Without It
In the POST-SOVIET SPACE AROUND SOUP a whole cult has arisen - many argue that without it a healthy diet would not exist. At the same time, they don’t specify…

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Checklist: 13 mistakes for novice cooks

Are you afraid of salt and spices

Salt and spices are an important component of the success of any dish: they emphasize the taste of the products and help them open up in a new way. Those who are just starting to cook are often afraid to spoil everything by salting – and instead, by mistake they get a fresh dish. If you notice that food is regularly boring, try adding more salt. Another useful tip is to salt the dishes, holding your hand not close to the food, but a little higher above it – so the salt will be distributed more evenly.

With seasonings, the same story: correctly selected spices will change the idea of ​​even the most familiar food. The only advice here is not to get carried away and make sure that the spices do not interrupt the Continue reading

Cone jam lavender jelly: 10 boring homework

PROCESSING OF SEASONAL VEGETABLES AND FRUITS – it is convenient, affordable and beautiful, home-made jam will be a cool gift for any holiday. We recommend treating the sunsets as a game, experimenting with combinations and beautifully packing jams, marmalades and jams. We remind you that technology is important in canned food at home – the banks must be sterilized and hermetically closed – and we offer a dozen new boring recipes.

Onion jam

Onion jam is a simple and at the same time elegant sauce for everyday dishes. It can be served with thin Continue reading

From Anthony Porowski to Chrissy Tigen: 9 standing culinary books of stars

CELEBRITY, EDITING YOUR OWN cookbook, is a common story. Many are skeptical of this phenomenon, especially when you consider that not all stars have a real relationship to recipes that promote as their own. Nevertheless, among celebrity cookbooks there are a lot of really useful or at least worthy of attention: someone graduated from a cooking school, and someone uses recipes to tell more about their own family, traditions and origin. We tell you which publications you should take a closer look at.

Stanley Tucci

The tucci cookbook

The name Stanley Tucci is hardly associated with cooking, but nonetheless – the actor was a co-owner of a restaurant in New York. “The Tucci Cookbook” is a cookbook with family recipes: in addition to food, a lot of attention is paid to the Tucci family history. As you probably already guessed, this is Italian and Continue reading

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Can a child be a vegetarian?
Live: Is vegetarianism safe for the baby? Me: To begin with, vegetarianism does not equal healthy eating. This must be understood. Indeed, for example, pasta with tomato sauce, pizza and…


7 healthy grapefruit benefits you should be aware of
The benefits of grapefruit for the human body Grapefruits have long been known for their beneficial properties in losing weight, and therefore are most often associated with diets that help…


10 foods that should never be refrigerated
The idea that storing food in the refrigerator helps maintain its freshness and usability has been sitting in our heads for quite some time. And although in the case of…


Proper nutrition: a selection of healthy dishes from our menu
Proper and healthy nutrition has long ceased to be the privilege of dietary mods and especially wealthy people, becoming the most important element in the healthy lifestyle of many residents…